Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspiration of the Day - 2/12/12

Riverview High Walkway and Court
Courtesy Riverview High School by RTC1
Sarasota, Florida - (BTT) We've covered a lot of buildings that have had near misses with the wrecking ball over these last few months, but not all buildings have been so lucky. Riverside High School was completed in 1958 by architect Paul Rudolph - that same year he was appointed Dean of the Yale School of Architecture. This example of International Style architecture became the poster child of a movement which was later dubbed Sarasota Modern. Although there were a few undesired quirks associated with the building, especially when it rained, the use of covered walkways and sunshades over the windows made this a true pioneer in the field of green architecture. Unfortunately the building was demolished in 2009, despite the best efforts of preservationists and other architects, proving that we still have a lot to learn in terms of protecting important modernist works.

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