Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I finally finished up my church yesterday and decided to take some pictures today. It used up practically my entire supply of basic brown bricks (which wasn't a lot in the first place), but I think it was worth it. There's no picture of the interior, as it's pretty bland, but I hope you all enjoy it! 

At some point, I need to get a photo of all my buildings together....

For more pictures, just head on over to Flickr.


  1. Fantastic. I'm jealous that youe are building. Look forward to seeing more.


  2. Thanks, Richard! :)

    I actually haven't been building in awhile. This is actually the first thing I've actually built on all the way through to completion in a couple of months. I have this other MOC that I just keep rebuilding and making adjustments on.

    Hope you get back to build soon too. I really liked that last building you made.



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