Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've been getting into LDraw and connected programs in preparation for making instructions for the magazine. The other reason I made this was to see what these two buildings would look like together.


  1. Please tell me that when you say "the magazine" you are referring to BrickJournal and not another well-intentioned fanzine. It's bad enough we have so many duplicate websites but there is no way we need any more magazines.

  2. No one is forcing you to buy any magazine, Mr. Godwin. Let it run its own course, and determine for itself if it's to be a success or not.
    If you don't believe in it, don't buy it, simple as that. I know for a fact though, that I will be buying a Bricktowntalk magazine personally.

  3. Firstly, there are some sorts of buildings that are called magazines. Secondly, BrickJournal, RailBricks, and HispaBrick all do a good job of posting instructions and they rarely overlap (to the extreme that Joe Meno actually sends photos to RailBricks instead of getting too train-centric in BrickJournal).

    Third, where do you see duplicate websites? Outside of the official website, a few LDRAW mirrors, and the various foreign-language sites, there's pretty little overlap between the various LEGO sites out there - most of us have a good grasp of what goes on elsewhere and try to avoid overlap.

  4. Where do I see duplicate websites? Well how about this blog and the EB Town blog. How about Trains-N-Town and EB Town forum. Forbidden Cove and Classic Pirates. Etc. Let us also not forget almost every site has an "off-theme" section so I see the same posts made three or four times.

    Anyway, that is not the point. I just do not understand why someone would take on a big job like a fanzine which requires a long term commitment when they could better use their time and energy contributing to an established magazine like Brickjournal which is doing a great job of supporting and promoting the community.

    As for money, well, I will probably download a free .pdf magazine but I am already subscribed to Brick Journal so no, I won't be spending more of my "LEGO money" on another magazine.

    And please don't get all snarky because I have an opinion. If you go back you will notice than when the readers of this blog were polled about half said they would not buy the magazine. I am just giving one voice to the contrary opinion in the hopes it might help to end up with something better for everyone.


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