Friday, April 10, 2009

Ghostly House...

From the instructions of Emerald Night 10194


  1. Isn't that just the same "stock" building used on the box art for these sets. I seem to vaguely remember it from both Café Corner and Green Grocer.

    Still, this is a sign that people should hurrying if they want their Market Street.

  2. It is, you can see it on the cover of their respective instruction books and on the box art.

    The difference is that in this picture its juts out ackwardly from the second street face of Cafe Corner like some architect held the blueprints sideways.

  3. Does this mean that Market Street has been discontinued?

  4. That ghost building looks great, whatever it means...

  5. Guys, the Market Street is a Factory set, not a LEGO Exclusive. Hence the line-up, I guess.

  6. They're just playing with us. XD

  7. i think that since the Emerald Night is a set designed by jamie, and Cafe Corner and Green Grocer are ALSO designed by jamie, they decided to do that.

  8. The building in question is not even built from Lego bricks.
    Download the 'Emerald Night' instructions and take a really close look.
    The roof is the most obvious 'non Lego' feature.

    MetroiD is semi-correct in that the Market Street set is indeed a 'Factory' set not one of the official 'Modular Building' sets.
    Where he is incorrect is that the 'Modular Building' sets are not 'exclusive', they are available in retail stores other than Lego stores.

    i am not sure why anybody would think that executive decisions from the graphic design department of TLG would be governed by who was involved in the creation of a set or sets.
    'Emerald Night' was designed by a team of people (including input from 'fans'), not solely by Jamie Berard.

    Speaking of Jamie, he is one set designer among many, he is not some kind of 'celebrity'.
    It is only due to the fact he has made himself publicly available for interviews that anybody knows who he is.
    TLG employ a range of far more talented and long term designers than this 'fresh faced' relative newcomer.

  9. Jamie Berard brings a bit of a distinctive style to what he does - I know Mark Stafford and MisterZumbi (I think I have those names right) are similarly well-respected among fans and easy to spot in official designs they have worked on.

    ...and neither of them have been given as much free reign over a line has Jamie has been given with these buildings. Sure, he doesn't design alone, but he's easily one of the more distinctive builders out there (to the point where we actually can fill a blog focusing almost exclusively on things that mirror his overall style).


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