Saturday, April 26, 2008

Loft Update.

I went into the loft at 7.30 this morning with the intension of building with LEGO - ended up rearranging things - sawing bits off the display, going to B&Q to get some more wood... Getting home and realising I didn't have the right nails etc, etc... anyway - here's an update. I made two new tables, so the display will be even bigger. The main reason is I wanted to make an Amsterdam style street. This is now incorporated onto the original tables. The farm and the campsite for the cubs can go on the new tables. I've made more room in the port / dock area because I purchased a second harbor set on Ebay.

I came down from the loft eventually at 7.30 this evening. Hopefully I'll be able to get at the bricks tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


  1. wow, this is really going to be soething when it gets done! please keep updating as you make progress.

  2. Nice, very nice! Keep up the awesome work.


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