Monday, April 7, 2008

City House

A pretty cool town house, made out of mostly 4954 bricks.

By Phoenix.


  1. 4954 is a great parts pack, much better than any of the other Creator Houses. It definitely makes it easier to do large MOCs even if the palette is sometimes limited. I hope it's around for a while as I need to pick up some more!

  2. Wow this is unbeliveable....I was wondering if you could email me I would like to disguss your creations

  3. Euhm... well, I'm the actuall creator of that house :)
    Just found it here by luck.
    It is a piece influenced/inspired by the 4954 set. But was mainly built because I want to try out that SNOT-building technic for the windows. But it turned out to be a nice building so I continued to build it. I think it also has some features in the front from some English houses (bear in mind I'm from Norway and normaly see only houses made of wood).

    Hope you all like it :)

    This house can bee seen on LEGO World Norway 1-4.May 2008.

    My blog if anyone is interested. Not updated much lately but just put my green grocer up. Earler posts have more inventive models.


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