Monday, March 31, 2008

PLUGfest - "Construímos Brincando"

Hello all, I apologize for the lack of interesting posts the last 3 days, however I was very busy in a big PLUG event in the northern city of Braga.

Anyways we had a big layout with some MOCs and a lot of sets, and this city layout was built by me and some friends. Thumbs up to Jorge Reis (guy in the picture) the one that made the layout possible.

Anyways here are some pictures.


  1. I've been there! ;)
    Great weekend in the north of Portugal, at one more PLUGfest.

    Great buildings, great layout, great space. I've enjoyed it a lot!!

  2. Great day I passed over there. Great sets and Moc's on exhibit, and the test with the train and tv transmission where delicious. I'll be looking forward for more Plugfest's like this one.

  3. It was a great Day for ME!

    Thanks to all:)

    Jorge Reis

  4. ME? For ME models? ;) Now serious, it was a great weekend with buddys and LEGO. Thanks so much everyone involved.


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