Saturday, March 1, 2008

Its in the bag!

I GOT ONE!!! Yey.

I read on Eurobricks yesterday about a guy who went to the LEGO Shop in Milton Keynes. I went there first thing this morning.

They had one already built - it looks even better in real life. They put out another two for sale.

It cost me £100

Hope to bring more photographs later today (if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, let me know as there have already been lots of pictures of this set).


  1. Lucky guy. I want it too

  2. Nice! You are a lucky guy!

    The box looks HUGE!

  3. WOW!!! enjoy it my friend!!
    the only Q i have is what gender is the minifig on the first floor.
    it has that HP hair piece but wearing a mechanics uniform..weird!

    100 pounds is a good price for smth like this!

    hope we get to see a couple of pics from you.

    i was also wondering if there are any pics of alternate models.

  4. It's on S@H already too soo this weekend green grocer: COME TO ME! :D

  5. Woo! Can't wait here in Australia, although it will be another fortnight before it arrives!

  6. ps check out my tan version of 10185 at brickshelf - search for 'tan grocer' - made from 2 x 4954, 2 x 4996, bits of 10184 and a whole lot of other pieces! was a blast to build and can't wait to see it in green.

    sorry for double post!

  7. Tan Grocer? I'll check it out right away.

  8. I spent a few hours thinking after your double letter theory and came up with "bagel bistro". come check it out on my moc-page!


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