Friday, February 22, 2008


I have this theory... Cafe Corner is refered to as CC, The Green Grocers (I'm sure) will become GG. Does that mean the third model will also be a double letter building - for example BB (Brick Bank) or PP (Pizza Parlour) etc. Could this be a clue?

Using this theory, which model do you think might be next?

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Market Street doesn't count?

    OK, I get it, that's "just" a Factory model. Still.

    I'd guess it's something more unexpected. They did a Pizza place (1994) and a Bank (1998) fairly recently, but I can't remember the last time they did a Cafe ('91 for the last real one?) or Grocery store. How about a Park Playground, or something else accessory-like? Cool Cars? Classy Cars? Roaring Roadsters? Rad roadways? Tall Trees?

    I'd be very excited if they cleared out their stock piles of random old parts in an Antique store. Annie's Antiques? Auntie's? Abby's? There are quite a few alliterative options there. Then again, I was born in New Hampshire, and now that I've travelled a bit I understand that the rest of the world actually has more grocery stores than antique shops. Pity.

    With our luck, the next building's probably something licensed, like a Star Wars film studio.

  2. you're right about star wars! they would be missing their target audience by quite a bit if they did that.

    my guesses are:

    "downtown diner" - a 50's style retro building

    "city cinema" - maybe styled after town plan if that set is selling well

    "downtown departments" - storefronts on the bottom with a clothier etc, apartments on the top

    but, no matter what it really is, you know we're all going to buy it.

  3. Great ideas so far. I might use a few (if that's okay). I'd like any of them.

    Its funny you should mention a film studio. I had that thought when I bought the Indiana Jones Motorcycle and side car set. I thought I could use the check point as the entrance to a film studio, then I could incorporate my licenced sets (Batman, Harry Potter, Indy etc). It could have actors wandering about in their costumes, people building sets, the little golf buggies they all drive around in...

    Keep going with the theory - I'm really enjoying your ideas.

  4. ABS Antiques? Sorry Dan, couldn't resist.

  5. Local Library! That's it a library! Good idea!

    Hmmm your double letter theory has a point. Never noticed that before!

  6. No one has actually noticed this before? I noticed it the day the pictures of the Green grocer were released!

  7. State School

    Sounds good and I'd love to see a school.

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  9. Good for you 'anonymous' - Thank you for your suggestion... Oh, there isn't one.


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