Monday, February 11, 2008

Questions for Jamie.

Thank you to Jamie for your message.

I guess the main question is the release date (I'm guessing its March?)

AFsOL have been aware of The Green Grocers for some time. How long have you been working on it? (Was it hard to keep secret?)

Was the idea to do a Green Grocers yours, or were you asked to use that title?

I'm personally interested in the design process. What sort of research do you do? Will we get to see some prototype pictures in Brick Journal as we did for Cafe Corner?

Are the pictures of a LEGO designer sitting on a carpeted floor with a pile of LEGO accurate or do you have a different design space?

This isn't a question, but I would like to say how good it is to have someone working for LEGO who understands it as well as you do. We're about the same age, and I know what it felt like to be a fan of LEGO in the eighties, and what sort of sets we dreamed about. Now you're there making those dreams come true.



  1. Heya Richard!

    I've written up my answers to your questions and can post them to you tomorrow after I run them by my manager. Is it easier to post them here in a comment, or should I email them to you?


  2. E-mail would be better for me.

    Thank you.



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