Saturday, January 26, 2008

My View

From legodt's gallery.
1. FANTASTIC!!! - Well worth the wait.
2. Sand Green - my favourite colour.
3. NEW WINDOWS!!! - Yey.
4. Love the ram and the window display.
Well done Jamie and the LEGO team involved with this set.


  1. Thanks for the compliment! Although I'm thrilled to hear that you like the set, I'm pretty disappointed that it leaked before we were ready to announce it. It's a serious problem for the company that I'm hoping they can crack down on it.

    Unfortunately, even though you've already seen the thumbnail pictures, I still cannot comment on this set until my bosses say so. As soon as it is 'officially' announce, I'll be sure to give you guys some cool development info :)


  2. Thats ok we understand...

    Altough I understand the LEGO Group's side, I'm still happy about these leaks :D

  3. If it helps - we could remove the pictures.


  4. Yeah, no problems for us if removing the pictures is any good...

    The problem is that everyone has already seen them, and probably saved 'em...

  5. This set is truly unbelievable. What is the expected price for it? I love the bay windows... I spent much of last week reorganizing my garage for an updated build out, I cannot wait to ad this set to my mix... pictures will follow.

  6. Pictures are allways wellcome! :D

  7. Heya Richard and Roger,

    No worries about the pictures. I'll be able to share more info on the set soon :)


  8. What A great set!

    To think that Café Corner could not have bean toped.
    This clearly shows that Lego is tacking the ALOF community seriously, The interior is amazing!!
    I hope that TLG will produce moore of this very detailed sets every year....

    Congrats Jamie on another job well done!!!!


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