Saturday, January 12, 2008

KC's Market Street MOD

This is one of the first and best Maket Street add-ons I've seen so far.

By KC.


  1. I always thought the market section of market street felt a little sparse. This is perfect.

  2. One of the "problems" with that market section is that the black thing above the arch is hiding the left part of the upper floor.
    Here is how I made a floor trying to fit with that:
    (though that the final result do not look especially wonderful, with mdBlue and an arch rather than inverted slopes it would look better)

  3. No doubt that the market street does look a lot better with and extra module! Thanks for the comment i'll try to post that later.

    Oh and keep you eyes on the blog i'm finally near to finish one of my digital modules, but this time in bricks :D


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