Saturday, February 2, 2013

Parcel Police

Post office / Police depot - front
Courtesy Post office / Police depot by Maciej Drwięga
Over by the train tracks - (BTT) Every so often the post office raises the cost of a stamp by a penny, and every time they do people get in a panic as if the idea of something increasing in price over the years is unique to the evil mind of the Postmaster General. The ability to stuff any document in an envelop and have it delivered by hand to any address throughout the entire country in no doubt worth 45 cents, but now they want 46 cents!? Truly this is an injustice for the ages! This charming little building has the right idea - should any irate customer throw a tantrum about a service that still costs less than a gumball, all that the great employees of the post office need to do is knock on the party wall and the neighboring police will rush in to help defuse the situation. 

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