Monday, April 16, 2012

Antique Freaks

Courtesy Antique Shop by Castor-Troy
Lyon, France- (BTT) These days, a car loses half its value the minute it's off the lot. So, if that logic was in place for everything, then why would someone pay hundreds of dollars for a chair from a sunken ship (Titanic, anyone?) for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Because everything that's outlived its estimated life has a story to tell. A silver chalice may tell of knights and castles, while an ancient painting may show the hidden talents of an artist long dead. This great building was built to allow the citizens of a Lego city to enjoy the same stories of times gone by, be it black falcons, or Blacktron ! It features a full interior, and a rear that draws inspiration from another antique, the Green Grocer!

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