Friday, August 12, 2011

Spit and Polish

Courtesy Kamienica pod Sowa by Diabel
Poland - (BTT) This tenement building, taking its name from the owl in the crown, is never at a loss for renters. The immaculate exterior has never looked better, proving this building possesses that rare feature few apartment hunters ever see - a landlord that actually cares.


  1. Usually I leave comments on the builder's page, but since you can't at Brickshelf, I'd just like to say here that this is really appealing and pretty. Makes me almost want to start building houses--if I knew how ;-). One of these days! ;-)

  2. Thanks guys! I can't tell you enough how much I wish dark orange would be made more available.

  3. Katie: I too like to link to flickr when possible, or at least a site that allows comments on it. I didn't see this anywhere but Brickshelf, sadly. Oh, and please please please think about trying your hand at making a modular!

    Chris: I agree completely, I would love to see other colors like dark tan, sand red, and dark brown in a greater number of pieces. Medium dark flesh is a decent substitute for dark orange and is now pretty cheap to get a lot of bricks in it - I've done two builds using it including my theater - but I think the hardest thing about doing a new building is finding a color scheme that looks realistic while still different from everything else.


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