Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Wharfs Please

Courtesy Nordic Wharf by Hoexbroe
First off, I would like to thank ClassicTown.com for posting this. I normally don't check Eurobricks that much for MOCs (I really need to make that a habit), but this was hiding there under the LEGO Town Forum.

So onto the layout! The wharf building is just incredible. The old warehouse look is just fantastic...and the boats! Holy smokes those are cool! I love little layouts like these where there's just a lot going on, and I hope it spurs some ship or naval based building from the builders across the web. I honestly don't see enough of that.

Ironic how I find this at a  time when I was reading a history book about my town and their fishing and shipping industry. This has seriously inspired me to build something for my own little town.

Just awesome. I hope LEGO sees this post. I could really use a couple sets like this...

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  1. Like the VW bus :) There are almost no special coloured bricks in this build. I really like builds with the standard lego colours.


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