Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A City Block

As much as I like the individual buildings we usually think about when talking about modular building, I'm beginning to think that complete city blocks are sometimes more appropriate for group layouts. There's something special about being able to point to a coherent section and say "I built all of that". Take this block, for example:

Photos courtesy of LUKY'S 1987 LEGO CREATIONS's flickr photostream

That's two opposite corners of the same city block. 


  1. Somebody should develop a modular system especially for city blocks; that way we can connect some blocks and elevate others with ease. Something similar to the pegs on the modular buildings.

  2. ^That would be cool!

    Hey, great find Dan. This is really awesome. I removed some of the tags because I'm trying to streamline that. We had way too many at one point! Haha! :)


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