Saturday, February 12, 2011

NEWS - Enter Hasbro

It appears Hasbro is attempting to butt into the building set industry with a new Transformer line set to be released this fall. The new blocks will be compatible with LEGO and MBs. Here's a little excerpt from the Chicago Tribune.

"Kre-O, launching in the fall, is intended to grab part of the booming construction set business that Lego dominates. While total U.S. toy revenue rose 2 percent to $21.87 billion in 2010, according to the NPD Group, building set sales jumped 13 percent."

Full story can be found on the Chicago Tribune website.

What can this mean for LEGO? Perhaps lower prices, maybe? Thoughts and comments welcome!

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  1. I would think that if Hasbro is stepping in, Lego might lose the Star Wars and Indiana Jones licenses to it since Hasbro has over 30 years of history with LFL as the toy manufacturer.


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