Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Happy Farewell

I have decided that it is about time I completely handed over the reigns of Brick Town Talk to Chris. It has been an excellent experience creating this blog and seeing develop over the past four years.
I hope that the Modular Building line continues for a very long time and that AFOLs continue to build their own versions. The rumours are that we shall be seeing a modular Pet Store in the next few months. I for one will be at the LEGO shop on the day it comes out, much as I was when Cafe Corner hit the shelves for the first time.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Chris for writing the blog for the last year and to the other contributors. To Roger, who's interest in the beginning spured me on to continue. The biggest thanks must go to Jamie Berard who's incredible imagination and persuasive skills brought the modular building line to us in the first place.
I am raising a glass to Brick Town Talk. Long may it continue and I look forward to dipping in - in the future.
Richard (Brickstreet).


  1. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this great blog. I have learned so much since my first post and continue to learn something new each day (I finally somewhat understand HTML!!!) This has been quite an experience for me and I hope to keep this on as long as possible.

    As a side note, I apologize to everyone for changing the layout of the site, so many times, so quickly. I've just been trying to find that right look, and I think I finally found it. Thank you for dealing with that, I imagine is was very frustrating trying to find things.

    Thank you to everyone who visit each and every day!

    It's sad to see you go Richard. Thanks again for creating such a great site. Please stay in touch and let me know if you want to see something changed or added to the site, I'd be happy to do so!


  2. It's sad to see you go Richard. The blogs been great!
    I have to say that having a modular building blog besides my own flickr group has kept me interested in the many buildings people have been building.

  3. Sorry to see you go, Richard. I've loved reading and contributing here over the past few years.

    I hope you stay in touch (and keep building!) as Brick Town Talk continues to be a valuable resource to the community. No matter how we do from here on out, we never could have done it without you. Thanks.


  4. I only stumbled upon your blog while searching for modular buildings for my company. I have since visited regularly; it really is a great blog. Well done.

  5. Cheers. Awesome site.


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