Saturday, September 5, 2009

Build and Review Part 5 - Finished!

Above: Starting to build the first floor.
Below: There is an abundance of furniture in this set. The fridge is the best. In the photographs I saw before I had the set didn't do in justice. I also like the edging of the ping-pong table.

Lots of the new windows are used in this floor and a great technique to make the brickwork on the front.

Below: Probably the most ingenious mini-build ever. It looks extremely complicated but its not. The reason it is made like this is so that even though tiles are used, it all holds together.

The finished set. I really enjoyed building it, very little repetition and lots of clever techniques to keep up the interest. Its nice to have a vehicle to add to the playability.
This set has been a long time coming, but it was well worth the wait. Go buy it! If you would like to know anything - write a comment.


  1. Loved the review. After reading it, how could I not buy this set?

  2. Can we see it with the layout (brickstreet's)?


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