Monday, June 22, 2009

Ole Kirk's House

From barman's Gallery.


  1. Hmm... Good source of red slopes! :) Those windows on the roof look great! Is it the minifigure scale. :) Why they don't included Ole Kirk Christiansen's minifigure? :(

  2. Just to clarify, Barman is a good friend of mine and gave me the whole story behind this set: This was made in a very limited run of 32, which were divived among the people who went on the Legoland Inside Tour Billund this month.
    In the lower right you can see this was #17 of 32, and on the left of the box is the autograph of the designer.
    No more than 32 of these were made or will be made, so even if one of the 32 people attending the tour would consider selling it, the price would be absolutely insane ;)

  3. If you look at the pictures, it looks like the limit on this is due to the photograph on the back. When another group of people go on the tour (which costs in the region of £800) they could put a photograph of them on the back instead and have another run of 32.

  4. We were on the tour as well and had a blast...we have serial numbers 05 and 19. Great pictures B!

  5. If you feel like doing a review and sending it to us, it would be fantastic.
    I'm soooo jealous you went on the tour.

  6. My dad and I went on the tour, too. We had so much fun! We have serial numbers 16 and 20.


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