Monday, May 25, 2009

Market Street Discontinued

Just to let everybody know some news - 10190 Market Street, the modular house designed by legendary AFOL Eric Brok, has been discontinued (and since sold out). Although we all enjoyed the kit he designed, Eric passed away in 2007 shortly after the set was released.

Additionally, LEGO has changed their online Pick-A-Brick quite a bit. Many parts cost much more. If you liked the 80+ 1x4 dark blue bricks that came in Market Street and want more, I'm afraid you're out of luck - they're no longer in the current selection. Dark blue 2x2 bricks are now 10 cents a pop there, though, down from 11 cents a pop back when I stocked up on dark blue parts.

Speaking of dark blue and parts good to have for town models, another series of sets with some cool parts is being phased out now too: LEGO Agents. A second wave of Agents sets is starting to appear in some stores now, with the full series expected to be out worldwide by August. My personal favorite set from that line (which I bought to use as parts for Cafe-Corner-style creations but haven't been able to take apart yet) is the Mobile Command Center, which is quickly disappearing everywhere and already sold out from LEGO Shop-at-Home.

The newer Agents kits feature less parts of use to us town builders - they're focused more on the orange of the "bad guy" vehicles instead of the dark blue and metallic silver that the Agents use. Some of the new minifigs are pretty great, though, particularly in the Robo Attack set, which brings us some great new woman-parts (a red version of the Agent Trace hair!) and a special torso celebrating Classic Space.

Finally, keep an eye on Creator sets from this year and last year - the Beach House set (a great window pack) is being phased out now (but seems to be still available for now), and a new tan house kit is coming out soon.

Find any other good kits for stocking up on Town parts? Anything else noteworthy being discontinued? Let us know! Comments are open on all posts here.

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  1. I am unhappy of the unavailability of said elements and sets. Again I would forward my condolences to Eric Brok's Family upon his passing. Hopefully more resourceful elements come out sometime soon.


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