Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Day To Go???

With LEGO World starting tomorrow and lasting until the 15th, I fully expect to see images of the new modular building tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


  1. Is LEGO World coming up? Their website says it is during October 2009. I'm a bit confused. Good luck on getting a new modular building, though!

  2. @Jordan:

    @Brick Street: Is it customary to unveil new sets at LEGO World?

    I'm skeptical that the third building will show up any time soon (if ever).

  3. LEGOWORLD in the Netherlands, takes place every October.

    This year (the one for 2008 was canceled), we will have also one LEGOWORLD in Denmark, this February.

    In 2008, there was also one LEGOWORLD in Oslo (Norway), that happened in May.

  4. It's not canceled. It really does start tomorrow. If you look on this page. You'll find the following description:

    February 12-15, 2009

    The Danish National Football Stadium, PARKEN
    Øster Alle 50
    2100 Copenhagen Ø

    LEGO® World is Denmark’s biggest LEGO event, and PARKEN is filled with tons of LEGO bricks! LEGO World is 4 days of great play activities and fun. You can participate in various building competitions, meet the LEGO designers and fans, produce your own LEGO minifigure and experience Basim from X-faktor and Stjernefroe perform at the stage. For more information, please ring 00800 5346 5555 or write consumer services. Tickets costs DKK 100 + fee and can be bought at Billetlugen.

  5. I sure hope they announce one soon...

  6. I wrote it was canceled the Danish LW edition from 2008, not 2009!

  7. Doesn't look like there'll be a new modular building this quarter, or even this year...


  8. Keep your eyes on Brickfest. Just maybe.


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