Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Had a go at a tall building this afternoon. I had a go at two others as well - but the battery went on my camera before I could take a pic.

Was really excited this morning to see the 2009 sets. I think however that TLC will be extremely annoyed that they have been leaked. We do not usually get to see sets until the toy fairs.

From my point of view seeing the pictures early doesn't spoil it for me, it makes me want them even more. Gives me a chance to save up (or increase the amount I can put on the credit card).



  1. I would like to do a MOC like this, So big and realistic. Where can I find more pictures from the builder?

  2. He His The Builder Read The Description. Nice Blog. Please Post Sometime Soon Im Currently Posting On The 4th Of October And Its Been Around 3 Weeks Since The Last POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U Rock Richard! Me My Freind On YouTube Please!!!!


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