Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Which of the 3 Modular sets is your favourite?"

So there we are the poll is over, and the results are...

1ºGreen Grocer: 35 votes (61%)
2ºCafe Corner: 15 votes (25%)
3ºMarket Street: 7 votes (12%)

The results are not surprising, at least not for me since I kind of agree with the results. Although I was expecting a more even results between the CC and the GG. I actually love the market street too.

Well lets now wait for a next and even better module to enlarge our allways growing towns.


  1. I voted Café Corner; partly because it started the entire modular-building craze, but the deciding factor was the techniques used for the diagonal wall, which are fascinating yet difficult to replicate (or as Jamie put it; you'll need a college degree!). But I was only just so far from voting Green Grocer.

    Market Street also has its charm, but I'm not as fascinated by it as I am with the other two. Mostly because lacks any outstanding features that make me want to just look at it and admire all the work gone into it; it is this that makes me want to collect these types of sets.

    Now, let's all cross our fingers and hope that Jamie will use more rare colors for his next modular building(s)!

  2. I chose the Green Grocer because I loved all the details and the stockiness of the building when it was finished. I enjoyed building the Cafe Corner aswell. Just got the Town Plan which I loved doing so Market Street is next. Are the instructions inside the Market Street box? I wondered with it being a factory set. The Adventure Park had no instructions and you had to look online which was a pain.

  3. The instructions are in the box, thank god!

  4. I chose Cafe Corner since it kicked off the whole line. Some of the building techniques are more revolutionary than GG as well, although the latter does have the beautiful interior detail. The corner concept as well I feel is more original than the singular facade of GG.

  5. "The corner concept as well I feel is more original than the singular facade of GG."

    Kind of my opinion too!

  6. Are there any ideas of what may by coming up next from the Lego Modular world?

  7. I don't know, LET'S ASK JAMIE! ^-^


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