Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Year On.

I thought I'd reflect on the last year in Brick Town (Est May 2007)...

Firstly - to Jamie. Huge thank you for opening up a new 'corner' of LEGO heaven. I have said before, I was ready to move on from my LEGO hobby... and then came Cafe Corner. Who could resist that?

Personally I feel I have learned (or learnt, depending on which dictionary you read) so much about the building process. I have not posted in a while because I've been up in the loft building, which is what I think its all about. The two buildings I have been working on were inspired by models featured on this site.

To Darren (my best LEGO friend - not those silly things at LEGOLAND - oh dear, stop digging a hole...) I met you because of this site and have enjoyed every minute of the time we have managed to spend together. The next project has to be a building! At my house (now I have windows!!!) - See

To Roger, poor Roger, who keeps the site going come rain or shine (not that it rains much in Portugal). Thanks mate - much appreciated.

To the people who post - Big Big Thank you and keep posting, we love to hear from you. I'm sure there'll be lots more to see inthe coming months.

Finally in my personal life - I suffered a breakdown in November. It was my third and I finally sought help this time (which has worked beyond my wildest dreams). I've never ever felt so good and I'm confident that it won't happen again (just thought I'd share that). Also, it has spurred me on to shed some weight. I topped 15 stone 1, and as I write this I'm 12 stone 7. So, if I haven't posted very much its because I've been in the gym... or in the loft of course.

Thank you all for a great year in Brick Town.

P.S. This made me smile (any guesses why?) - Lol. Brickstreet A.K.A Richard.

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  1. No - Thank you. This has been a great blog and it's also inspired me quite a bit to get back to building meaningful things for towns as well. Here's to another great year!

    (and then a few more...)


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