Monday, May 14, 2007

The Future is Now...

Several of the new sets mentioned in the previous blog are now available at LEGO Shop@Home UK.

I'm having a discussion on Bricklink at the moment - it appears that they are not available in Canada or the US yet.


  1. I cannot understand why they do not allow for "previews" or "coming soon" listings on S@H. I would love to add this set and Market Street and a half dozen other upcoming sets to my wish list. Since I live in Canada however the site says "Sorry no such page..."

  2. When I ordered some items from S@H a few months back - an online survey popped up. They asked for ways in which to improve the site. I said it would be nice if the site was 'about' LEGO as well as selling it i.e. the history, previews etc. Surely they must realise by now how interested people are in this stuff by now.


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